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Given our work focuses of the past few years, several operational specialities have emerged:

CSS and Employee Satisfaction Surveys:
Our integrated approach to data is specially important in this context because it enables us to address employees and customers via a variety of media without quality loss. Our customer satisfaction models are re-developed continuously so as to ensure sound data; sophisticated benchmarking procedures make it possible to assess the client’s status in the relevant competitive environment.

In the past 3 years, we carried out studies of this type in the following business lines:
  • telecommunications
  • utilities
  • public services / administration
  • media
  • basic industry
  • automotive
  • commerce
  • consumer goods
  • services

On the Spot Interviews (also including counts):

Due to our infrastructure (CAPI tablets with extremely long-lasting batteries) we are very well prepared for on the spot interviews. As a result, we are able to handle POS surveys, customer structure analysis, visitor polls at temporary events (including cultural events) and traffic counts specially quickly and efficiently.

Communication Analyses:
Many of our long-standing clients rely on our experience in the analysis of communication measures. Due to personal connections with the most important academic institutions in the field (such as the Advertising Academy, the College of Higher Education in Communications, and the University Programme for Market Research), we are abreast of the latest theoretical developments. Our clients can thus be sure that we understand the briefings to communication service providers and in a position to design surveys that really fit the task on hand. This way, principal, communication agency and market researcher will definitely get their messages across to each other.

Concept and Product Tests:
In marketing., the development and re-development of products and services is one of the fields which can have a lasting impact on financial success. Our deep understanding for the language, the emotions and the needs of consumers, which we have fine-tuned over many years, enables us to give reliable recommendations at various stages of product development. Against a backdrop of numerous reference projects, you can expect clear statements from us. National and international clients rely on our skills in this area.

Feasibility / Brand Entry Studies/ Needs Assessments:
Our experience covers a wide range of tasks, from helping prepare the launch of a new product or service to identifying the market opportunities of a new subsidiary and to carrying out needs assessments for new training institutions. As in product testing, our clients can expect clear statements that carefully weigh opportunities and risks, and contain well-founded recommendations. It also means that we think about the market entry strategy, indicating opportunities and risks in the potential design of our clients’ market presence.

Mystery Shopping/ Mystery Calls:
We have taken the concept of mystery shopping one step further: If required by our clients, we recruit "real" customers who act as mystery shoppers after having undergone thorough training. Thus, clients get feedback from their actual customers. You cant’ get any more authentic assessments.

It goes without saying that we also do classic mystery shopping or mystery calling to which we assign professional mystery shoppers.

Brand and Image Analyses:
In many cases, the results from our brand or image analyses form the basis of more specific tasks, such as product tests or brand entry studies. An in-depth look at the environment, detailed knowledge of the markets and the careful application of methods add up to a reliable judgement of our clients’ position. It is out of the question that we would allow ourselves and our clients to go on working with data which are not 100% reliable.