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Together with our partners in GlobalNR we have used the Hofstede model to develop a procedure describing markets according to the prevalent fundamental psycho-social patterns; the resulting consumer typologies offer a valuable basis for decision-making in respect of market opportunities, positioning and communication design. The model aims at the most promising group of consumers who have a positive attitude towards the brand but are not yet buyers.

In a very far-reaching study to identify fundamental principles GlobalNR investigated the basic parameter of brand perception in 17 markets with a total of 900 million consumers for 224 international and 1,689 national brands. Based on these data and against the backdrop of extensive benchmarking, we are able to provide informed judgements about market opportunities, communication styles and advertising messages. This goes for Austria and international markets alike.

Competitive Customer Satisfaction (CCSS)
In the past few years, we have not only carried out numerous studies on customer satisfaction but we have also dealt with this crucial aspect of safeguarding business success in theoretical terms. The outcome of these efforts is a system of assessing results with the help of a large database. Moreover, we have developed a method allowing to evaluate the competitive force of customer satisfaction in different markets using a single data source, and to make forecasts about the environment for the future acquisition of new customers.

This procedure has also convinced international groups of companies of our capabilities and caused us to expand our activities abroad considerably.

Programme Analyser
Based on the suggestion of a client, we have expanded our capabilities in the field of qualitative research (specially in focus groups and group interviews) by new equipment. We have developed a process whereby the first impression of previously defined stimuli can be measured in up to 16 respondents simultaneously. The specific procedure can also capture continuous presentations in up to four measuring points per second.

This allows for real-time polling as well as for the sophisticated evaluation of films, commercial sports etc., thus providing valuable input for fine-tuning and even editing instructions.

Together with our long-standing client Gewista, we have continuously re-developed the measurement of outdoor advertising appeal. When Gewista extended its product range to new technologies in outdoor advertising, markedly stepping up the pace, we followed suit as their research partner: By using computer-assisted personal interviews, an efficient web-based system of data communication and interview control, as well as highly standardised analysis procedures, we are able, week by week, to deliver results eight days after having been supplied with the content to be investigated.

Together with our client, we have thus established the largest media research system in Austria in terms of interviewee numbers (more than 25,000 interviews per year).

Video Testing
Media research, and in particular research concomitant with the development of new media formats, has traditionally been a forte of Triconsult. Some of the most spectacular successes in the Austrian media history of the past 25 years are based on the results of Triconsult research and on Triconsult recommendations.

In many cases, the recommendations are derived from a type of focus group discussion that was specifically developed from the traditional focus group format so as to suit media needs. At an early stage of development, when little specific material is available to look at, it is required to provide a basis for decision-making on crucial aspects. A combination of pictures and narrative presentation on the one hand, and structured data capturing (bringing together written elements and discussions) on the other hand will produce reliable results that help support far-reaching decisions.

The procedure is also suited for testing concepts in the FMCG and capital goods industries as well as for service providers.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys (ESS)
Along with the measurement of customer satisfaction, surveys to identify employee satisfaction have become a focus of Triconsult work in the past few years. Again, co-operation with clients and partners in the field of science were a pre-requisite for the development of viable new concepts that guarantee added value in information. Together with Dr. Emberger, we have re-developed the traditional concept of measuring employee satisfaction in an extensive survey, thus creating a basis for the assessment of specific individual results.

As was the case in customer satisfaction research, we also established a database for benchmarking and developed a causal model mapping internal connections and the "right", i.e. efficient, measures at a glance.

By co-operating with our partners in the GlobalNR network, we are able to offer high-performance procedures for product testing which are used by market leaders world-wide.

In particular, we can offer these procedures for skin care and decorative cosmetics products.