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Methods – Procedures Employed

To us, full service means to offer our clients the most appropriate procedures and methods of data collection. Thus, we use all common procedures and ensure that the infrastructure required for them is in place.

For this purpose, we use both quantitative and qualitative methods.

To be more specific, our range of methods includes:
  • face-to-face (CAPI und PAPI): in home, Straße, on spot,  Studiotest, central location; quantitativ und qualitativ, b-to-c and b-to-b
  • phone (CATI and PAPI)
  • web surveys (WAPI)
  • focus groups
  • self-administered questionnaires
  • mystery shopping
  • content analysis
  • desk research
  • international studies

To ensure the same level of quality for data collected by different methods, we use integrated software packages which allow for additional cost-effective multi-channel surveys (e.g. self-administered questionnaires, web and CATI).

Details of our present infrastructure:
  • a field force of 500 collaborators
  • 100 interviewers equipped for CAPI
  • customised project control software for extremely quick CAPI processing, including all multi-media options
  • 60 interviewers with special qualifications for qualitative surveys,
    • studio testing or b-to-b interviews

    testing studio with video relay for observation on site in Vienna
    CATI studio with 28 permanent workplaces, any required number of workplaces can be added via Intranet application
  • rooms for focus groups (video recordings from 2 cameras, video relay, simultaneous interpretation equipment)
  • testing kitchen (large deep freezer capacities, professional stoves and ovens)
  • high-performance scanner for the quick and cost-effective capturing of mail out studies
  • internal web server for large samples
  • programme analyser (simultaneous capturing of non-verbal assessments by up to 16 participants, can also be used for continuous presentations)
  • continuously updated address database containing details of respondents for focus groups and one-to-one exploratory interviews in Vienna, Klagenfurt and Graz
  • membership in 2 international networks to ensure the reliable and high-quality handling of international studies (GlobalNR and AIMRI)
  • team of interviewers specialising in b-to-b surveys in all European languages