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Architekturbüro Kurt Lichtblau | Konrad Spindler
Mag. Daniela Seebacher, ’Office’

austria wirtschaftsservice
Competent, efficient work, and reasonable prices to boot! It is always a pleasure to work with Triconsult.

Mag. Matthias Bischof, ’Head, Funding Policy Department aws’www.awsg.at 

Concentra Marktforschung
We may not have many opportunities of working with Triconsult in the past few years but our experiences were invariably good: they are competent and reliable.

Dipl. Psych. Matthias Pfaff, ’Statistics/Analysis’

Consulting Stoff-Hochreiner

Herzlichen Dank für die kompetente und professionelle Projektdurchführung zur Erhebung der Daten für die Berechnung der Umwegrentabilität von nationalen und internationalen Kongressen in Wien - besonders erwähnenswert das große und persönliche Engagement in diesem komplexen und schwierigen Aufgabenumfeld.

Dr. Martina Stoff

Ecker & Partner
Collaboration with Triconsult was efficient, producing results that were highly relevant for our practical work.

Mag. Dietmar Ecker, ’Executive Shareholder’

Economic Chamber of Carinthia
In my opinion, the following words are the best way to describe Triconsult: competent, flexible, like part of the family.

Mag. Jutta Wakonig,  ’Head, Marketing’

Emberger + Partner Managementberatung GmbH
There are those with the big names. They are known world-wide. Because they mainly concentrate on keeping their names in the headlines. And there are those that are small but wow! They concentrate on doing a good job. From working with Triconsult, I know: it belongs to the second group.

Dr. Walter Emberger, ’Executive Shareholder’

FCB Kobza
Rudolf Kobza, ’Managing Director’

Forschungsgesellschaft für Wohnen, Bauen und Planen
Dr. Wolfgang Amann, ’Managing Director’

Gemeinnützige Bau- und Siedlungsgesellschaft MIGRA Gesellschaft m.b.H.
The results TRICONSULT comes up with largely conforms with later sales results, and this is definitely a reflection of the quality of TRICONSULT services!

Katrin Weber, ’Assistant to the Management’

Gesellschaft für Innovative Marktforschung mbH D-69120 Heidelberg
Diplom Sozialwissenschaftler Marc Arnold, ’Director of Studies,
GIM Automotive’

Hübner & Hübner Steuerberatung GmbH & CoKEG
Mag. Michaela Kraft, ’Marketing’

ideenwerk werbeagentur
We trust in Dr. Josef and the professionality of his team in all respects, that is the reason why we like co-operating with Dr. Josef/Triconsult.

Tom Frenner, ’Managing Director/Client Service’

mobilkom austria AG & Co KG
Mag Astrid Ließ, ’Head, Market Research and Competitor Anaylsis’

ORF - Österreichischer Rundfunk
What I appreciate most about Triconsult is the enormous problem-solving skills of the people there. In TV programme research we often need to find pragmatic solutions to complex and far-reaching issues within a relatively short time. Even when deadlines are short, Triconsult manages to get the job done, producing the accustomed high-quality work, thanks to the flexibility and commitment of its staff.

Dr. Hedwig Zehetner, ’Head, Market and Media Research’mediaresearch.orf.at

Reed Exhibitions Messe Wien

The nice thing is that I can only say positive things about Triconsult. They are extremely co-operative, even if the issue on hand is difficult. We use the detailed and carefully processed results of their work on a regular basis, they are an important tool in decision-making for us.

MMag. Corinna Häsele, ’Reed Messe Wien GmbH’

Standort + Markt
I appreciate you as an excellent and reliable co-operation partner.

Dr. Sabine Schober

Telekom Austria

Mag. Maria Giesauer, ’Marketing Retail/Market Analysis’www.telekom.at 

The White House
Vinzenz Stimpfl-Abele, ’Executive Shareholder’

TrendCom Consulting GmbH
Triconsult is a partner which stands out for its excellent field work, high degree of flexibility and enormous reliability.
Dr. Harry Schranz, ’Managing Director’

Michael Vrbecky, ’Managing Director’

Werbe Akademie am WIFI Wien
Felix Josef of TRICONSULT is not only a fine lecturer who has an exciting way of teaching state-of-the-art know-how to students of market communication, he is also an absolute pro in respect of surveys.

Dr. Gabriele Stanek, ’Director, Werbe Akademie’www.werbeakademie.at 

Triconsult accompanied us through the past few years in a turbulent environment of liberalised electricity and natural gas markets.

Dipl.Ing. Norbert Bock, ’Head of Marketing WIEN ENERGIE Wienstrom’

Wiener Zeitung
Co-operation with Triconsult always proves to be efficient and targeted. Triconsult provides tremendous expert know-how, the results of our surveys have always been to the point In a nutshell: they exceeded our expectations.

Mag. Lisa Rajchl, ’Assistant to the Management’www.wienerzeitung.at 

Wirtschaftsforum der Führungskräfte (WdF)

Triconsult has been a long-standing and competent partner of the Economic Forum of Executives (WdF) in designing and carrying out the WdF Manager Monitoring.

Friederike Hladky, ’Managing Director’